François Betscha /

I welcome you to my website. You will find all the information related to the software I designed and which is available on the Android platform. I design other tools for my employer and myself according to my needs.

I am currently carrying out a prior learning validation procedure to obtain the title of computer scientist with a focus on "Application Development". My publication is currently being checked with the experts of the county of Vaud.


On a private basis, the SwissLotto application :

Developments in the context of my activity at DL/MoneyPark :

My achievements:
  • Core of applications in C# (set of libraries that includes all the features common to C# applications).
  • Reusable jQuery JavaScript library for the application of graduation and colorization on our computers.
  • JavaScript library to inject a widget dynamically into a page (same principle as Google Adsense for adding advertising on a website).
  • Contact forms, newsletter registration, renewal, new acquisition and 1st appointment forms.
  • File manager (component that allows the transfer of files between the client and the advisor through the forms and the advisor module).
  • Advisor module (propects centralization system, which allows the processing of mortgage business).
    • PDF filling component (Insurance form, bank, etc...), populated by CRM data.
    • Exception and failure management component for all web applications.
    • Integration component that powers DL's Microsoft CRM application via the Microsoft API.
    • Import component that retrieves requests from forms and sends them to the processing system of the advisor module.
    • Component for managing settings.
    • Component for managing form validations (modifications by setting).
    • Component for monitoring the transmission of emails (notification during automatic or manual action from all our applications).
  • Micro service that processes the receipt of an email notification request with follow-up from receipt to transmission of the message (provides traceability of emails sent to customers).
  • Partner service (micro service that allows the acquisition of prospects via Buy-Lease, Immostreet, among others and the calculations of the various calculators).
  • Partner widgets (a set of computers that can be integrated into DL MoneyPark partners' websites).
  • Proxy Ringler (application that reduces the complexity of using the Dr.Tax micro service for tax calculations to allow use from Excel and our tax calculator without identification).
  • Visual studio component that allows the fast design of a new application using DL MoneyPark corporate in C#.
  • Design of a Django component to interface access to the API of the Logismata tax calculator and implementation of the calculator.