SwissLotto is an application designed to present the results of the games (SwissLotto, Euromillions, Magic 3, Magic 4 and Banco) from an Android mobile phone. This software is free of charge. It offers a number of features described below depending on the version.

Version 2 of SwissLotto was designed entirely on the basis of version 1 in Java with the Google SDK. It provides compatibility with older Android equipment (This product is expected to be decommissioned after the release of version 4).

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SwissLotto version 3 is based on the Apache Cordova and Angular JS project. This version of the software was created to experiment with mobile application design with a web environment. This product unites SwissLotto 2 with the MyNumbers favorite management component.

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SwissLotto version 4 is designed with the Xamarin development environment using the C# language. This new version is coupled with a set of products that are designed to meet SwissLotto's needs but also for future applications.

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